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What is in a Phyter bar?

Phyters are a plant based food bar made with 100% organic veggies and fruit as the first ingredient. They are free of preservative and chemicals. Phyters are cooked by owner/partner Chef David “HC” Choi in our certified organic commercial kitchen. Chef David puts love and care into each and every Phyter!

What makes your bars different from other bars on the market?

Phyters are a balanced “real food” bar that contain nothing but organic plants. No chemicals, no preservatives. So you won’t find them on the crowded energy bar shelf. You will find Phyters in the refrigerated or frozen section of your favorite grocery store. If you don’t see us, ask for us

Where do I store my Phyters?

Phyters are best stored in the freezer for up to 1 year or the refrigerator for 6 months. The best way to enjoy Phyters, is to remove them from the freezer and enjoy it right away or throughout the day. Your Phyter bars are best consumed within 7 days after they are removed from the freezer or frig as long as they are in the sealed wrapper at room temperature. Make sure the packaging does not have any tears or holes. Phyters defrost within 20-30 minutes but lots of folks like them right from the freezer!

I just bought a box of Phyters from the grocery store refrigerator, can I put them in the freezer when I get home?

Yes, you can freeze your Phyters once you purchase them from your retailer or store back in your refrigerator.

Do Phyters contain peanuts or other nuts?

Yes, all Phyters are made with organic almond butter with the exception of Butternut Squash + Peanut Butter which is made with organic peanut butter.

Are Phyters raw?

No, Phyters are a cooked product. Chef David cooks Phyters to bring out the flavor, enhance the phytonutrients and to eliminate any harmful bacteria that can occur in raw foods.

What kind of sugar do you use in Phyters?

We use organic plant based coconut sugar in Phyters which is low on the glycemic index (35). If you have diabetes, we always recommend you consult your doctor before eating.

Do Phyters contain oils?

NO Phyters do NOT contain added oils or fats.

Are Phyters Organic and Gluten Free? What other certifications do you have?


Are Phyters a protein bar or an Energy bar?

Phyters are NOT a protein bar. Typically, protein bars have very high amounts of protein, beyond what is needed. In many cased, this high level of protein is achieved by adding chemicals. Our Phyters have a balanced amount of protein since the protein comes naturally from plants. Phyters are a food bar from fresh veggies and fruit as the first ingredient.

When would I eat my Phyter?

Phyters can be enjoyed as a meal, dessert, snack, pre-work out or post work out food.

Where can I buy Phyters in my local area?

Please visit our website for Phyter retailers. If your favorite retailer does NOT carry them, please ask if they can carry them. You can also visit our online store and order directly from us.

What do some of your flavors taste like? The combinations like sweet potato and coconut sound interesting.

Great question! This is what we hear from our fans:

Sweet Potato + Coconut: “just like carrot cake”

Beet + Cocoa: “like a rich chocolate brownie”

Butternut Squash + Peanut Butter: “just the right amount of creamy peanut butter”

Cranberry + Strawberry: “so refreshing! the tart & sweet combo is perfectly balanced”

What if there is no expiration date? How do I know if it is still good?!

Remember, Phyters are “real food” and don’t contain preservatives. If there is no date on your Phyter, turn it over and look at the number under the flap. That is the lot number and the day it was made and frozen. If your Phyter was refrigerated, it is good for 6 months after that lot date. As always, if something tastes funny, DO NOT EAT! If you have any other issues, return it to the store you bought it from and ask for a full refund. In addition, please email info@phyterfood.com and let us know which store you bought it from so we can work with that retailer to improve freshness.